Friday, March 8, 2013

New Album /// "France's Finest NY Minute Remix" droping March 26th.2013

New Album - "Frances's Finest NY Minute Remix" droping March 26th.
Yes, french people are mean, proud, always on strike, hairy, eat only baguettes...
...but we also make FUCKING BEATS!!!
And you'll have proof of that march 26th with this Remix Album of Dj Low Cut's "NY Minute" by best french beatmakers as:
Al'Tarba, I.N.C.H., Ghetto Blaster, Grim Reaperz, Crown, Ugly Tony, Mistamaff, Astonaute, Flev & Dj Brans.
And also exclusive tracks by Dj Low Cut feat. Wildelux, Raf Almighty, Lord Lhus, B.A.M. & M-dot and Dirt

01 - Ruste Juxx – Worldwide Roughness (Al’Tarba Remix) 
02 - Blaq Poet & Nutso – Let’Em Know (I.N.C.H. Remix) 
03 - Reef The Lost Cause – It’s Time To Take Off (Ghetto Blaster Remix, Cuts Dj Nix’On
04 - Raf Almighty – Sacrifice (Remix) 
05 - B.A.M. – Visonary (Grim Reaperz Remix, Cuts Chinch33
06 - Shaz Illyork – Skeleton Key (Crown Remix) 
07 - Jojo Pellegrino – NY Minute (Ugly Tony Remix, Cuts Dj Djaz
08 - The Opposition – By Design (Mistamaff Remix) 
09 - King Magnetic & GQ aka Nothin’ Pretty – We’Re All About It (Astronaute Remix) 
10 - Randam Luck & Banish – Requiem In Blood (Flev Remix, Cuts Dj Proteck
11 - Dirt Platoon – Second Brokest (Dj Brans Remix, Cuts Dj Djaz
12 - B.A.M. & M-Dot feat. Jaysaun, Nutso, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Block McCloud, Blacastan, Chaundaun, Tribeca – Vionaries (Remix Cuts Dj Family Tiz
13 – [BONUS] Wildelux – Bond (Prod Dj Low Cut, Cuts Dj Djaz
14 - [BONUS] Lord Lhus – Warning Shot (Prod Dj Low Cut
15 - [BONUS] Dirt Platoon – Stomp (Prod Dj Low Cut & Tony Kenyata)

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