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Interview with Kingdom Kome -2016

Reppin Miami Dade comes my brother Kingdom Kome. He's doing big things and with his sophomore release "All Beasts show their teeth" dropping soon here is my interview with the fam.

Cratez-where you from and grew up?

Kingdom-I was born in Mar Del Plata, Argentina in 1978 and my parents left for Miami with 20 dollars to their name and not knowing any English when I was 11 months to escape persecution from a militarized state, I grew up in Miami beach till I was about 5, bounced around a bit I was mainly raised in North Miami, NMB and Ives Dairy, but all of South Florida is my home and it made me who I am... I rep the crib everywhere I go. #WeDontVisitWeLiveIt

Cratez-who where your influences musically coming up?

Kingdom-It's crazy cuz I feel like we grew up able to experience hip hop when it was in its rawest, purest, and most sincere point ever in my opinion.... Maybe I'm getting old and bitter but damn music don't feel like that anymore. So As far as musical influences it varies depending at what point In my life we talking about as I am inspired by mostly all musical genres...  but Public Enemy was it for me, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Krs-One, Big Daddy Kane, Slayer, Scarface, Slick Rick, Nas, JT Money, Redman, Peter Tosh, Nas, Bad Brains, Black Uhuru, Mercedes Sosa, the Beatnuts, All The Wu- Tang, Billie Holiday, Poor Righteous Teachers, X-Clan, Isreal Vibration, The Clash, Roy Ayers, Souls of Mischief, Sade, Black Sabbath, Ice Cube, Burning Spear, Black Flag, Anthrax, Miles Davis…  I’ll leave it there cuz I can just keep going and going..

Cratez-what was your first hiphop album you ever bought?

Kingdom-I was 10 years old and it was Public Enemy's - it takes a nation of millions to hold us back, I remember it like yesterday.

Cratez-when did you start rhyming and decided to take being a MC seriously?

Kingdom-Growing up in Miami we were always around and heavily involved in the culture whether it was breaking, graffing, or MCing so while most of my friends were taking Graff serious and becoming all city I leaned more towards the words and the magic of putting patterns and words together to create something that uniquely represents you. I started rhyming in cyphas when I was about 15 - 16... And I didn't started taking it seriously until I was about 18. That when's myself and my old rap partner put together a studio and formed our 1st label. (DoomsDay Records)

Cratez- whats the meaning behind the name Kingdom Kome?

Kingdom-Basically Kingdom Kome means the hereafter - basically everything from here on out. It's the afterlife, the next world after this one. The kingdom of the creator. It comes from the biblical saying "thy kingdom Kome"  it's where you'll  get blown to fucking with this! Lol - The name was given to me early on when I was coming up battling, later on as I grow as an artist and as a human being it become a vehicle for making sure my music and content had substance.

Cratez- walking with enoch is your label? enlighten the people about your label.

Kingdom-I started Walking With Enoch Music a little after my son Enoch was born, anybody who knows me personally knows my life revolves around my seed & my music, so I had taken a step back from the music biz for a year or 2 after going thru some legal issues with one of the artists I used to manage on my former label BCE. Enoch music came out about in the most purest abstract form, you know I had a bad taste in my mouth with my last artist blowing a deal and just having to deal with all the fakeness in the music industry so I tried to leave it but I couldn't because music is my release, my passion, it calms me and keeps me sane, no matter how many times I tried to stop I just couldn't and at that point I wanted to just make the kind of music I liked to listen to and grew up on, I just wanted to carry on tradition and boom - Walking With Enoch Music was born.

Cratez- I love the fact that your reppin miami and keeping it boom bap.Tell me about your first LP Point of View. Shout out to ILL Vibe by the way. Some bangers by him on there.

Kingdom-All Dade Every Dade Papa! It's what we do! – Yeah Vibe is my brother man, that’s family WAY beyond a music thing - he believed in me from the jump and always fed me BANGERS! We have been doing this forever!  Yeah so that was my 1st "solo album" I recorded and made Point of View when I 1st started Enoch Music, it was around the time I said I'm not managing any more artists or producers, I wanted to get back to my craft which was how I started in the music biz, which was what I always loved and did but I had put it to the side to handle biz and make moves. So it was a really dope album to make I felt free to do what I wanted, and the result is a dope ass album that has it all.  Produced almost entirely by my brother ILL Vibe - featuring SoulFlower, SoFla, Antonia Jenae', Dr. Phil Valentine, Marcus Blake, and many others,  it was recorded & mixed  by my nigga MixbyTrip and the proof is in the pudding it's HARDBODY! I had a lot of fun making that album as its a good representation of who I am and what i do, and I plan to digitally release it later this year after ABSTT drops.

Cratez- So now here comes the release of your sophomore album "All Beasts Show Their Teeth".The cover work is dope and the album name. Tell me about the cover art work and the meaning behind the name of the album?

Kingdom-No doubt, so when I started working on it I had already had the name for it...”All Beasts Show Their Teeth”  My reasoning behind it was like yo everybody talks about the sophomore curse and 2nd albums not being as good as an artist’s 1st project so I wanted to Bury that theory and come with a much darker and harder album all around, basically saying that yeah I'm showing my teeth on this one and flexing hard. Then it kind of grew into something bigger than just me coming hard on it as it started to conceptualize into a story, so I sat with my homie Taylor Cort who I met when I moved to Asheville 2 years ago, he's a dope ass artist all around, and he had this macabre dark style to his art that I loved, we linked up starting building together and he started to do the artwork based on my idea of what I saw for it , and he caught it instantly, we spent a lot of time building and working the artwork for the project and there are LOTS of hidden gems on the cover and back, if you are into numerology, Sumerian teachings, astrology, esoteric & Occult studies you'll catch some, we are actually working on a detailed story  for the mascot of the album the “Annunaki Priest” and the priestess on the back that will explain it all in full detail. I don't want to spoil it but it'll manifest itself as a comic book situation or animated video in the near future. Big up to my man Lord Cort.

Cratez- So many heavy hitters on this album from production to mc's. From C-Lance producing your second single "When i die" to features from Thirsting Howl, Copywrite, Dynas ,Hell Razah etc. How did that connect for all these heavy hitters come about?

Kingdom-Yeah man I'm not playing, C-Lance produced 3 tracks on the album that are insane! That's the homie right there, we hooked up on some music stuff and we just been working ever since, we got some more dope joints coming together.  I got home team on their heavy you know my Brothers Omniscient and Soarse Spoken are on it, my Brethren Dynas is on it on a track that touches on a lot of the police brutality that has ALWAYS been there, AG Lyonz came thru on a dope ass hook.. Of course ILL vibe, Zynzelay on it. The God Prodigal Sunn from Sunz of Man / Wu Tang and I got a HEATER on there and Prodigal is one of the most genuine dudes I met, we build all the time, he really looked out for me on the strength of him hearing my music and fucking with what I was doing, and he don’t work with just anybody, plus I'm a huge Sunz Of Man fan so having both P Sunn and Hell Razah on the Lp is a blessing. (Killah priest is on the next album!)

Razah is my brother and I rep his GGO movement (WingzUPPPP) that feature came about from my fam Ras Ceylon who's on Shadow Empire as well and he introduced me to Razah while he was recouping from his medical situation and we made it happen. Having the God Thristin Howl on the LP is something I still trip about cuz I look up to everything he’s done and he’s one of my GOATS – 2LL’S up to my Lo Life Family! That feature came thru from my brother Semp Rok who made that connect happen, shout to my nigga Semp from Public Wizard thats my nigga, I'll go to war for Semp, and being able to get Copywrite and Thrist on the same track for the 1st time was a highlight for me that I know people will enjoy, also we fucking bodied the song! (video for it is in the works). A lot of people don’t know but Copywrite grew up in south florida early on and he’s a fucking beast on the mic, hes the homie, and he blessed me with his usual insane wordplay. So yeah man I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the album, all the musicians, the artists, the people that sparked an idea or inspired me I truly salute & thank you.

Cratez- The Merch promoting the album is ill. Shirts ,stickers ,pins, and the hats are dope. Are you also releasing the album on cassette? Shout out to DADE Wear too. Dope collabo btw.

Kingdom-It's DadeFamilia, Down And Dirty Ethics, Down and Dirty Everything for LIFE!!! Yeah man, I wanted to kind of re-create the feeling I used to get when I would buy or boost a new tape and actually get excited for an album to release, so we got this DadeWear X KK collab that we got together and did for the album release, limited edition Annunaki priest t-shirt and SnapBack, the physical CD’s and limited edtion cassette tapes are available, there's 2 different limited edition pins as well as different stickers, a coloring print of the albums mascot and an autographed poster, all are available individually and in bundle deals as well on my website and on  

Cratez- So your a  collector i see. From comics, figures,vintage Lo . Whats your most prized possession you got on your shelf?

Kingdom-damn, you fucked me up with that one, I'm over here looking around my lab like damn, I got too much shit in here, its getting crowded! but oh yeah, I collect ALL things fresh, whether its vinyl (lots of vinyl), art peices from my friends and homies, vintage action figures, music equipt, vintage LO, Sneakers, gear, BOOKS upon Books, artwork, you name i probably got it, if it moves me I want it, its usually something that reminds or reconnects men to childhood memories so yeah... one that few stands out to me is my vintage japanese Galvatron transformer (and all my  transformers) so yeah its a vice....

Cratez-  when is the release date of the new album and where the fans can cop it?

Kingdom-All Beasts Show Their Teeth drops 9/1 on Itunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Google Play and EVERYWHERE! else people get music digitally nowadays

Physical Copies, Merch, and Bundles can be bought at as well as on

Cratez- Any shows coming up? and whats next for KingdomeKome?

Kingdom-Yes def looking to book a tour for this album and working out the details on the venue for the album release party/show in Miami and other cities so expect to see me somewhere near you… for all Bookings please email:

Cratez-  Any shout outs fam?

Kingdom-Bless up to you my brother for building with the God, we on that High Science that Crate Scienz ya suckas! To my D.A.D.E brotherhood and family I love y’all lets get this money! To my family I love you all. to the haters and doubters thanks for the fuel, kill em with success. To Miami I love you, to all my people worldwide thanks for rocking with the kid and supporting my music, I do this for the people.

Amor, Paz, Y Salud mi gente. Peace

Cratez- Salute my brother. Peace

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