Saturday, December 1, 2012


*THE COLD SNAP SPECIAL* w/ live guests SEAN PRICE - MACKLEMORE - MAIN ATTRAKIONZ - BIG LEFT - P.O.S. - VINNIE PAZ and ILL BILL ticket giveaways - world exclusives and more

On this evil box Mista Montana and Menace do this:
Sean Price joins us at the release of Mic Tyson to reveal the creative process behind one of this year’s best hip hop albums. We talk family life, his new responsibilities to his daughter as well as his role in the original line-up for super group La Coka Nostra – a role he blatantly admits was taken from him after his excessive drug use at that time. Sean P also explains his admiration for one of the UK’s finest producers, Beat Butcha, his fear of working with Alchemist for a full album and a lot more in an energetic and frenzied interview attack. What does Sean think of his fans? We think they’ll be surprised…
Joining us fresh off the success of his debut The Heist, Macklemore returns to reflect on its success and beyond! Opening up, Mack talks the affect of his life's even busier schedule and life on the road before touching on his next project, of which Mack says he and Ryan Lewis have already discussed potential featured guests and concepts for, further revealing that fans can expect his alter-ego from And We Danced surfacing again in the future. We wonder when that collaboration with Kendrick Lamar will happen?! A must hear interview for fans of both Macklemore and Ryan Lewis respectively.
Oakland's Main Attrakionz step down from the clouds in the form of Squadda B to discuss debut album Bossalinis & Fooliyones among a stream of other topics including; the evolution of Main Attrakionz and their work ethic, the term Cloud-Rap, working with Harry Fraud, advice from Lil B, the influence of their peers E-40 and Too $hort and why he has never considered himself a rapper in the same league as Common and Talib Kweli. What means the most to Main Attraktionz? Prepare to be shocked…
Ever the Otimist, despite his current health condition P.O.S. is back joining Conspiracy Worldwide to detail his latest opus, We Don't Even Live Here. We talk the update in its sonic landscape, lyrical content, the political climate and state of America since 2008, his forthcoming secret group, needing a new Kidney and support from Rhyme Sayers Ent, plus so much more in an interview with one of Hip Hop's premier and beloved artists!
Big Left is a man on a mission. Joining us from the front-line, the La Coka Nostra affiliate discusses his latest offering Walking Dead, his relationship with La Coka Nostra, World War Three and the difference in the creative space he was in creating it, a brand new forthcoming project entitled After Humans of which each track will be a refreshing take on apocalyptical times, plus reveals another upcoming project with himself and San-Diego veteran Blame One! A must hear interview for fans of Hardcore Hip Hop!!
Mista Montana and Menace discuss subjects as the government's manipulation of Hurricane Sandy, the truth behind the fake Presidential vote scandal, shoes and much more in one of the most heated and controversial episodes to date.


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