Friday, October 26, 2012

Deuces thoughts on Vinnie Paz's - "God of the Serengeti" Album

Here is another quick review on the new Album by Philly's own Vinnie paz by Deuce. He will be doing weekly reviews of Albums and share his thoughts on them.This Album is Hard Body and Vinnie once again delivers another banger. Yo Deuce what are your thoughts?

Philly stand up.  If you’re de la familia Crate Scienz you at least know some of the heavy hitters that Vinnie Paz called in on this album.  If you’re upperclassmen from the same school of thought, you recognize Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs.  Wherever you find yourself in that spectrum, know his dues are paid in full.

Off rip, Vinnie doesn’t have any apologies for what he’s about to say on this album.  That’s the point of opening the album with what some might assume is a Game of Thrones sample, but is actually Chronicles 20:11.  Follow that up with box cutter rap and you’re left to wonder who is on the receiving end of the onslaught.  If rap were Disney’s Lion King then Vinnie Paz is Uncle Scar.  Simba emcees be warned.  

Did I mention a lot of features?  In certain circles, an objectionable amount.  It’s as if there is an unwritten rule in hip-hop law that more than a few other rappers on your own album is a L.  As eclectic a mix of rappers as this brings together, that’s not the case here.  Vinnie’s flow holds its own against Immortal Technique, Scarface, and even the G some credit for Nas’ flow, Kool G. Rap.  Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers even finds his way on the album on Last Breath.

Overall this was a good album to listen to the 3 or 4 times that I have already.  Battle Hymn, which by the way has 9 rappers on it, and Cheesestakes (produced by Psycho Les from Beatnuts) that I might put into a consistent shuffle.  The rest weren’t a far stretch from whats expected from Vinnie, a lot of religious imagery and industry agnst.  I ain’t mad at him, I’m sort of for the separation of Church and Planet my damn self.  

Long live Vinnie P - “God of the Serengeti”.

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