Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gensu Dean - Wantchu feat. Olivier Daysoul -2012

Gensu Dean, the SP-1200 assassin, is at it again with a new 45 for vinyl heads that pairs the ultimate fast flow track “Ramesses feat. 7evenThirty & Homeboy Sandman”, with a brand new joint titled “Wantchu” featuring the UK-based songbird Olivier Daysoul.
Wantchu” is not what you would expect from a producer touted for bringing that grimy flavor of 90’s rap back.  Instead, Dean proves he can smooth things out just as quickly as he can make them rugged.  The Imperial blesses Olivier Daysoul with a silky smooth canvas with just enough head-nod flavor to tie it all together. On his end, Mr. Daysoul lays a thick, syrupy ode to the conflicting feelings of infatuation. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself listening to this one on loop for a while.
Strictly for the collectors, this 45 will go as quickly as it came.

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