Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sadat X 'Agua' album (Tommy Boy Ent) -2016

One fourth of the legendary Hip-Hop group Brand Nubian (which includes Grand Puba, Lord Jamar and DJ Alamo), Sadat X returns with his new solo-album, Agua, which will be released on Tommy Boy Ent.

Agua is comprised of eighteen new tracks and the bald-head God with the golden voice has teamed up with an all-star production team, Pete RockDiamond DDJ ScratchDa BeatminerzEasy Mo BeeWill Tell and more and guest appearances from Lord JamarRhymefestDresA.F.R.O., R.A. The Rugged ManEd O.G.RahzelThirstin Howl IIIand more.  

“It was good working with Pete, Nick Wiz, Da Beatminerz, Dres, Rhymefest, Diamond D, Easy Mo Bee, DJ Scratch, the God Jamar and everyone else because these are the people that I know and trust” Sadat asserts. They are all artists and people that I respect and that I am comfortable working with, we go back and forth and bounce creative ideas off of one another and that’s very important.” 

While Sadat’s two-decade long career has included plenty of indelible classics (Brand Nubian’s debut, All For One,  his own solo-debut, Wild Cowboys, and a host of Billboard charting singles, “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone,” “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down,” “Slow Down,” “Word Is Bond,” “Hold On,” “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”) that are forever woven into the fabric of Hip-Hop; Agua promises to be one of the highlights of Sadat’s solo-career.  

“The theme of this album (Water) is just actual facts” Sadat states.  “I'm talking about subjects that affect the masses daily lives.”

Like Moses, Sadat floods your ears with the mathematical title track, “Agua,” breaking down its essence not only as the vital nourishment needed for all species to survive, but how greedy corporations have taken a pure compound and polluted it strictly for commercial gain—while one billion people across the globe still lack access to safe “Agua.” Sadat reunites with Lord Jamar for a 5% lesson on “Cut And Dry” and with Dres of Black Sheep on the hook, Sadat examines the vast differences between generations on “Maybe It’s Me” (“There is only one Future, there is only one Drake, how many copycats can a nigg* take, I know you trying to get you’re break, but some of that gold is rented or fake” and further “I never seen so many nigg*s begging for pussy, what part of the game is that, paying for IG followers, a nation of swallowers, but that’s where we at in 16”) over  a bouncy DJ Scratch production.

Tracklisting & Credits for Sadat X’s Agua LP:
1.)  “Freeze” (produced by Pete Rock)
2.)  “The City Never Sleeps” f/ Wordsworth (produced by Dub Sonata & The Extraordinary Gentlemen) 
3.) “Taken” (produced by Will Tell)
4.) “Industry’s Outcast” f/ R.A. The Rugged Man & Thirstin Howl III (produced by Will Tell)
5.) “Head Shot” (produced by Diamond D)
6.) “Aqua” (produced by Will Tell)
7.) “Cut & Dry” f/ Lord Jamar (produced by Will Tell)
8.) “Tell ‘Em Again” f/ DV Alias Khrist (produced by Nick Wiz)
9.) “The Return Of The Dottie” f/ Milano & Shabaam Sahdeeq (produced by Ide for Creative Juices)
10.) “Imagine” f/ Rhymefest & Jabar (produced by Will Tell)
11.) “The Bass Player” (produced by Da Beatminerz)
12.) “Murder Soundtrack” f/ A.F.R.O. & Rahzel (produced by Will Tell)
13.) “Same Shit, Different Day” f/ UG Cella Dwellaz (produced by UG)
14.) “Da’ Hustle Don’t Stop” f/ ED O.G. & Fokis (produced by Fokis)
15.) “Maybe It’s Me” f/ Dres (of Black Sheep) (produced by DJ Scratch) 
16.) “Tommy Is My Boy” (produced by Will Tell)
17.) “We Strive” f/ Dres (of Black Sheep) (produced by Easy Mo Bee)
18.) “Nobody” f/ LoVel (produced by Will Tell & Nick Wiz)

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