Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 7th 2015 (Special Guest: Q.U.E.S.T., Speak No Evil, Booga Brown, L.E.O. and Wes Studii)-2015

1. AWON- Escapin Youth (Remix)
2. Illa Ghee- Radiator Sweat Suit
3. Royce & DJ Premier (PRhyme)- Courtesy (Marco Polo Remix)
4. Sonny Jim- Nordic Winters (ft Jyager)
5. Bob Banner & GIT Beats- Last Time You Closed Your Eyes (ft Rae Lorenzo, Sean Price)
6. Hus Kingpin & Smoovth- The Pleasures (ft Rozewood)
7. Mobb Deep- Conquer
8. Wildelux- Dog Shit
9. Q.U.E.S.T.- We Got Guns
10. Ray West- Eygyptology (ft AG, Roc Marciano)
11. Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge- Return Of The Savage (ft Raekwon, Rza)
12. Supreme The Eloheem- NY Giants (ft Dro Pesci, Mic Handz, Innocent?)
13. Wyld Bunch- Enough Is Enough
14. Cyrus The Great- Crime And Punishment (ft Roc Marciano)
15. Krumb Snatcha- Tai Chi
16. Drama Sinatra- Unkind
17. Ed O.G. & Street Wyze- Sorta Way (ft Reks)
18. Jakk Frost- Dope Boy Talk
19. Easily Crippled- When You See Me I Rep That (ft Tragedy Khadafi, Nutso)
20. Influence Getem- A Statement
21. Sauce Money- Main Event (ft Memphis Bleek, Wais P)
22. Method Man- The Meth Lab (ft Street Life, Hanz On)
23. Q.U.E.S.T.- Philisophical Wisdom (ft Wes Studii, Booga Brown)
24. Killah Priest- PWOWR Glove
25. Walt Sicknin- Philly Wreckin Stuff (TCOR Remix)
26. Dirt Platoon- '86 Ushers (ft Fel Sweetenburg)
27. Camp Lo- Mean Joe
28. RKITECH- Animal Cruelty (ft Juxx Diamondz)
29. Gstats- All The Time (ft OCB)
30. Starvin B- Barbed Wire
31. Mic Bless- Pay Homage (ft Ras Kass)
32. Heck Teck- Caught Slippin (ft Cappadonna)
33. Dready Kruger- That Dread Shit
34. Skanks- Back In Position (Venom Remix)
35. Nine- Always Forever
36. CZARFACE- Ka-Bang (ft MF Doom)
37. Pace Won- He Said It
38. King RA- The Champ
39. True Lyrics- Party And Bullshit 2015 (ft Stevie Franks, Mr. Fickle)
40. Cash Burner 5000- Say Yes
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