Monday, February 8, 2016

Truth feat. O.C. (of D.I.T.C.) "Genuine Article" (prod. by PF Cuttin) 2016

Biggerman -F4DB J-Dilla Special -(2016)

MarcoPolo - R.I.P. Kalimba GOD (2016)

Get On Down | Pete Rock & Cl Smooth 'All Souled Out' on Clear Vinyl (2016)

 Pete Rock And CL Smooth's debut EP, All Souled Out, was the perfect set-up - and bridge to - their flawless LP, Mecca & The Soul Brother, which appeared only one year later. Fans new and old are sure to know the EP's only single, "The Creator." The cut is a perfect slice of early '90s hip-hop -upyempo, rolling along at a sprinter's pace with killer horns that sew up the chorus. Interestingly, it's the only song on the EP where Pete Rock rhymes (and solo at that, with lines written by Brand Nubian's Grand Puba). 

The remaining five of the EP's songs, with CL Smooth in full charge of the mic, are no less impressive. The sleeper is perhaps "Go With The Flow," a kinetic groove with an egregiously thick, muted bassline, surgical cuts and never-endingly captivating lines by the liquid-tongued CL. "All Souled Out" boasts all of the Pete Rock trademarks - a jumpy, filtered bassline; beautifully stitched horn samples on the hook; and this time with a faster tempo. CL has no issues with Pete's BPM challenge, proving he can drop knowledge at any speed. And of two different versions of "Good Life" on the platter, the EP's final cut, the "Group Home Mix," is perhaps the winner, with an abundance of musical action to back up CL's lyrical musings on ways to achieve success and comfort in life.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

DJ Rahdu -Iconoclast (2016)

As the month of February began I read a FB status requesting the favor of no mixes or reworks of Dilla's work this year. Discontent with the trendy and overwhelming amount of Dilla output this time of year, I could understand the intent of the statement but disagreed with the sentiment. To many, Dilla is a mark to be achieved or surpassed and recreating or remixing his work may be just the tool to help them find their own sound. Just as Dilla admired Pete Rock and probably tried his hand at flipping some of Pete's works, these producers/singers/MCs are showing their love and respect to a fallen hero. Since his passing, I've collected a large number of hours of Dilla tributes, jacks, remakes, flips, etc and here is my hour long mix of these reworks. Please enjoy! Dilla .                                                                                                                               Dj.Rahdu.