Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Smuggle Rap by Vanderslice-2015

Gold Standard by Supastition-2015

Algorhythms by Gensu Dean-2015

Producer Gensu Dean has been quiet for a minute after his collaborative album with Planet Asia (Abrasions) and then his production work for 7evenThirty (The Problem). As summer starts he wanted to let his fans know where he's been musically by offering up an all new instrumental album for free.  The 25 track record is meant to be a warm up to the new material Dean has coming late in 2015 and early in 2016.   
For those new to Gensu Dean, the analog producer has worked with some of the industry's greats including Large Professor, David Banner, Planet Asia, Brand Nubian and more.  He gets the nod of approval on "Algorhythms" introduction from legendary Diamond D (of D.I.T.C.), DJ Joc Max, and DJ Spinna
Here's what Gensu Dean had to say about the project:
"I've been dealing with some "life challenges". Things on a personal level have been super tough, like the passing of my father. The good thing is I have been able to draw up the energy, whether positive or negative and re-direct it when creating. This I am really excited about, the good, the bad, and the ugly has taken me to a new place creatively. Once I was able to get to a better place mentally, I started going through my record collection and listening…really listening. Its amazing how your frame of mind can hinder, but in my case enable, a person to hear things that were once not heard. This was the catalyst for me entering a new chamber of production.
Algorhythms is a musical journey type of record. It has several music moods that take you places. Its not your average kick, snare, and hi hat type of instrumental record. Its geared more toward experiencing a musical collage. It has been my career position that when you create music and that music creates a mood, it sticks with people, it becomes relatable. So I wanted to capture several moods, and express them in musical form. This enables the listener to join in and share the listening experience, based on a mood or emotion they can identify with. This is one of my many formulas when creating, hence the title. Algorithms are formulas used to address problems and/or issues that require a solution, I apply this in a music format. I altered the spelling to reflect the fact that it is musical rhythms and grooves."

Magestik Legend: From Scratch ft yU [prod by yU]-2015


Heaven & Earth from Petestrumentals 2 by Pete Rock -2015

In the beginning...
"Heaven & Earth" is the newest single from Pete Rock. An introspective beat drawn up by the original master bringing in a piano and strings driven melody while trademark drum snaps and a rubbery bassline pushes through the background. It's the type of joint that'll catch you staring out the window at the city lost in thought - an emcee's perfect canvas.  Today, we thought we'd give it away as a free download as we start to gear up for the big release of "Petestrumentals 2" that is less than a month away.  

The new album comes out June 23rd on Mello Music Group

May 24th 2015 (Special Guest: Al' Tariq, Big Mont and Phaze2)

1. Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge- Return Of The Savage (ft Raekwon, Rza)
2. Krumb Snatcha- Tai Chi
3. Phaze2- Blunt Tips & Caviar (ft Big Mont)
4. M.W.P.- Don't Try To Front (ft Skyzoo, Ill Conscious, Smoovth)
5. Lord Tariq, AG- It's All Bad
6. MeRCY- Bird's Eye View (ft Sean Price)
7. Ed O.G. & Street Wyze- Sorta Way (ft Reks)
8. Dirt Platoon- Our House
9. Influence Getem- A Statement (ft Dj E. Diggz)
10. Street Smartz & Da God Sunz- 3 Points
11. Skanks- back In Position (Venom Remix)
12. Juxx Diamondz- My Entrance
13. Q.U.E.S.T.- Philisophical Wisdom (ft Wes Studii, Booga Brown)
14. Hus Kingpin & Smoovth- Shooting Gods (ft Killer Ben)
15. Gstats- All The Time (ft O.C.B.)
16. Mic Bless- Pay Homage (ft Ras Kass)
17. Heck Teck- Caught Slippin (ft Cappadonna)
18. Mic Handz, AliStarr- HD
19. Wyld Bunch- Take It Personal (ft Skanks)
20. Dj Skizz- Roast Ya (ft Problemz, Al' Tariq)
21. Starvin B- Dance Of Death (ft Fel Sweetenburg, Raf Almighty)
22. CZARFACE- Nightcrawler (ft Method Man)
23. Big Mont- Rap Lives Matter
24. Big Mont- Givenchy
25. King RA- Champ
26. Rockness Monsta- Choke
27. Constant Deviants- IM Still UP!
28. Marvelous Mag- I'm From Brooklyn (ft Skyzoo, Brenton)
29. Wildelux- Dog Shit
30. Madchild- Devils And Angels
31. Sonny Jim- Nordic Winters (ft Jyager)
32. Skyzoo & Torae- Double The Monster
33. Camp Lo- Mean Joe
34. Jedi Mind Tricks- The Kingdom That Worshipped ​Dead (ft Dilated Peoples)
35. Dro Pesci- Time To Win
36. Milano Constantine- Cocaina
37. Supastition- Flawless
38. Canibus- The Kings Sent For Me (ft Raekwon, Kurupt, Craig G, Bronze Nazareth)
39. Killah Priest- Alien Stars
40. Agallah- Lean In The Whip (ft Rockness Monsta)
41. Elements Of Music aka EOM- Sound Solution (ft S.I.T.H.)
42. Big Twins & Jae Hood- Killzone​